The best drink to end your night with and your prescription for a better next day....

You need to let loose, relax, and party sometimes; it's scientific fact. Without relaxation and recreation, we lose our edge--and have way less fun. BUTNOBODY wants that hangover. Sure, you can tough it out, but it really ruins your day. Who wants to lose part of their weekend to an aching head and an angry stomach? Or worse, who wants to go into work and try to function when you've got no energy and you feel wrecked all over.

You're too smart for that. You just need the right preparation. That's why we offer the MOST comprehensive hangover kit out there--the one you NEED. While it won't stop you from getting drunk, it will help you feel better the next day! Check out the science below and go buy yours now.

We'll make it simple: The Sunday Mornings Hangover Helper (Hangover Cure) AKA Sunday Mornings Hero Kit  is the kit that gives you REAL options. You can take it in the morning to get fast-acting response for getting back into the game--or you can be doubly prepared with the hydrating drink at night, and the powerful pill in the morning!


How it works:

 So, how exactly does the Sunday Morning Hero Kit A.K.A. The Hangover Helper Kit work? The secret lies in the use of Dihydromyricetin (DHM), a favorite herbal ingredient of health experts and many in Asia clinically proven to counteract the effects of alcohol on the brain and liver after a night of drinking. DHM, along with the right combination of electrolytes and water soluble vitamins lost during the consumption of alcohol combined with the help of  Willow Bark Extract (nature’s Aspirin) and a small amount of caffeine is the last cocktail you need after you finish drinking or the next morning to recover!

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Just mix the powder portion in 16 ounces of cold water and drink it after a night out or the morning after along with the 2 capsules. 

By balancing your body’s electrolytes, eliminating alcohol’s toxic by products to your liver and brain and vanquishing that headache  you’ll be able to stop dehydration, headaches, and other hangover symptoms in their tracks fast!

A must-have for busy professionals and college students alike, The Hangover Helper gives you the freedom to enjoy your nights without jeopardizing your busy mornings.

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Let’s be real for a moment: nobody who calls in sick is actually sick. They’ve either overslept and need an excuse to save face, or they’re so hungover that if they tried to do anything at work, something would inevitably physically explode (even if all you do is sit at a desk doing paperwork). So when you’re hungover, give your boss a call and try one of these these excuses.
“I’m Never Drinking Again” And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

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