“I’m Never Drinking Again” And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

It’s Sunday morning and you feel like you’re on the verge of death. You wake up and immediately feel the brutal effects of a hangover. You have a headache strong enough to make you think that, momentarily, you have the psychic abilities of Professor Xavier from X-Men. The morning light shining through your windows is so bright it’s giving you a visual sensory overload that makes you think you’ve temporarily gone blind and you’re ready to release the contents of whatever happens to be in your stomach from the night before. Why do you continue to do this to yourself? You tell yourself that you’ll never do that again, but end up repeating the pattern the next week, but what others lie do we tell ourselves?

Eating Too Much

The Chinese were on to something when they realized that Americans have absolutely no impulse control. If you charge them a fixed price to let them go absolutely nuts on endless lo mein and orange chicken, then don’t underestimate their ability to do just that. However, the end of a buffet trip has us telling ourselves, “oh God, never again,” only for us to do it the next time we have the chance. Our bodies are so full of MSG and sodium and GMOs from the sauces that we pretty much did our body a disservice, much like drinking.

Drinking Too Much

Drinking too much of anything is bad, even water, so why do we drown ourselves in liver-killing alcohol every week knowing how bad it is for us? We’ll wake up the next morning feeling like we’ve gone through a rinse cycle in our washer from how dizzy we are that we tell ourselves, “I’m never drinking again,” but then we do it all over again. It’s like we forget the bad decisions we make for ourselves and forget how our bodies felt when we’ve made said bad decisions. It’s almost as if the average person’s life is nothing but constant regret and instant satisfaction.


This is where the Sunday Mornings Hero kit comes in. If your life is an endless cycle of regret and bad decisions, at least let the comprehensive hangover helper and rehydration formula in the Sunday Mornings Hero help you put another bandaid on a problem that will never go away. At least you know Sunday Morning Hero has your back.

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