About us

Sean Agazanof

Founder at Sunday Morning Pharmaceuticals

 The concept for Sunday Morning Hangover Helper came when I least expected it — and from the people who could benefit from it the most. I remember it like it was yesterday. In 2012, I was working as a pharmacist-on-duty at a national drug store in Los Angeles that was right down the street from a popular brunch restaurant. A small crowd of people came into the pharmacy and asked what to take for a hangover. I walked over to the OTC (over the counter) section to see what I could recommend to treat the symptoms of a hangover, and found the best I could offer was an electrolyte solution and ibuprofen. When I got home that night, I searched online to see what was available and was amazed to find an array of products that were either ineffective or marginally effective — but nothing that was designed specifically to tackle a hangover the day after a night of drinking. That was the day I started my journey to discover the ultimate hangover solution, founding Sunday Morning Pharmaceuticals shortly after that. Five years later, after painstakingly fine-tuning our herbal remedy to ensure its superior quality and efficacy, we're thrilled that our homeopathic vitamin- and mineral-based hangover reliever kit is finally on the market.